Again, who cares?

Further to my last post on this subject, it seems that Icwales, the apparent “National website of Wales” has now jumped on the same Charlotte Church buttlicking bandwagon as BBC Wales.

On their Capital city news section, of 5 stories that have broken this morning in Cardiff, the fact that Charlotte Church has bought a new house in Llandaff, moving away from Cardiff Bay, is apparently of more importance even than what most would consider main story of the day, of the man who fell to his death this morning at the Heath Hospital.
Even the 700 teachers who could possibly be out of jobs come September are considered small fish compared to Charlottes latest purchase.

Why do those who have the job of giving us the news think that, just because she is Welsh, we actually care what the hell Charlotte Church is doing? Give us news that we actually want to read about. If I wanted to know, I’d buy Heat. Ok. Hello. Now. or one of the other manure filled celebrity orientated magazines.


  1. Yeah I noticed that too. I am growing increasingly suspicious that Charlotte Church is in fact secret president of the world, and as such controls everything that happens anywhere.

    This includes the news media obviously, but also all that other stuff – terrorism, wars, poverty in africa…

    You can’t prove it isn’t true!

  2. Nathan, buy The Sun today for their front page headline.

    (if you feel like scanning page 3 and posting Charlotte on the site aswell, feel welcome!)

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