Noise & Confusion ’05 #2


Well, the tickets went on sale yesterday and as usual, I forgot.
I woke up at 945 and the tickets had gone on sale at 9am.

I wanted standing tickets, seating sucks. Period.

Ticketmaster: Sold out
Seetickets: Sold out
Ticketline: Sold out

Fuck. Well, I’ll just buy seating tickets, sell them on eBay and use the money raised from those to pay for ridiculously overpriced standing tickets from eBay.

So, I buy 6 seated tickets. Upper tier (ie. 1,000 feet high, Dave Grohl looks about 2 inches tall).

Purchase confirmed.

Kate signs onto MSN Messenger.

Kate: Nate, I’ve found standing tickets on a website, get there quick
Me: Fuck. Bollox. Shit. Cunt. Pussylicker.

Fine. I’ll buy 6 more tickets and sell my seated ones on eBay.

Purchase confirmed.

So now, I have approximately 37,000 tickets for 6 people and a helluva credit card bill to look forward to. Bah.


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