Hurricane Katrina

As you can see from the above picture, Hurricane Katerina has touched ground in the state of Louisiana.
I know that right now, as dawn breaks in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, my thoughts are certainly with those who are still in the city and I’m sure I can say the same of all the people of Britain. Our thoughts are with you.

Be safe.

Google Talk #3

I was right!
I knew it!

Google Talk launched last night whilst I slept (evening US time).
You can now download the client from

I had a very very quick play around with it before work this morning, you can bring up your Gmail contacts and add them to your contact list with the greatest of ease. (One click in-fact)

Also, it has the Gmail notifier feature built-in to it, kinda like the Hotmail notification that I lost from MSN years ago (due to not using a Hotmail account to logon) which is fantastico.

Possibly goodbye MSN for me..

Google Talk #2

Well, I’ve been playing around with the Exodus jabber client this evening, and can confirm that I am now connected to the server, confirming that there *will* be a Google IM client sometime soon :D

Use the Exodus with the following settings;

Account details:
Jabber ID: *yourgmailusername*
Password: *yourgmailpassword*
Resource: Exodus

Port: 5222

Google Talk

Word is, Google is going to be launching it’s own IM system, possibly as early as tomorrow (Wednesday 24th).

Rumours have been floating for a few days now.
However, we now have a little bit of grounds to base that rumour upon.

It goes to a 404. Redirects to

Now try something else, ie.
See, nothing. Page cannot be displayed (in IE). Cannot find (in Firefox).

Also, the subdomain has it’s own dedicated IP address, which surely means it has its own server.
Why would google setup a server for a page which is just a 404, page not found?


Also, it’s apparently going to be based on the Jabber backend.

When trying to connect to ‘’ using Jabber, this is the output;

The SSL certificate received from the server has errors.
Certificate does not match host: /C=US/ST=CA/L=Mountain View/O=Google/OU=Buzz team/
Certificate fingerprint: A0:23:07:)

This server does not advertise support for in-band registration. Try to register a new account anyway?
Yes No

– Disconnected. –

So that pretty much confirms it.
They even have a Jabber server running on the subdomain ‘’

Yay! Google IM!

Watch this space!