Microsoft Virtualearth

Who would have guessed MS would come out with a service that is almost identical to google maps? Eh? Me for one..and now they have.

Microsoft virtualearth is almost exactly the same type of thing as the google maps satellite function, even in the way that it uses the same way to navigate it, ie. using the keyboard arrow keys and the +/- buttons to zoom in and out etc.

Though, it doesn’t load the pictures as quickly as Google maps, I think they may possibly be of higher quality in most areas, I can’t really tell. Hmm.

They also don’t yet have any satellite pictures of the UK, seems to only be the USA, but, that’s how G Maps started out too, they have only recently added other countries.

Update, 19:42:

Now hang on just a cotton picking minute.
I thought this was a virtual earth?
Well, is the entire world blank and white?
Microsoft seem to think so. The whole of their “Virtualearth” is black and white, no colour whatsoever. Unless you count the overlayed ‘green’ where there is a park.

Plus, the pictures must be very old, as you can clearly see in this location, JFK Aiport, NY, there is a Concorde at the terminal. And another here. Concorde went out of service in 2002.
I knew I’d find something that would suck about it and thus once again reiterate exactly why Google are the best.

Microsoft Virtualearth


  1. Microsoft’s images are older but yes have a little more detail in some areas. I think there is about a 1-2 year difference in the age of the two, based on the exsistance of certain buildings of my university. Where I will be living in 2 weeks is a building that was built starting a year ago and does not exist on either map service.

  2. yes, MSN VirtualEarth does have considerably higher resolution images than Google Maps for most cities I was looking at. It would be nice to find out how old the image data is though.

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