This guy makes me sick, he really does.
I saw a TV programme a few months ago, he is a radical American christian with very anti-gay views. He and his followers (approx 40 Southern American hicks) protest at the funerals of gay men (whether killed as a result of their sexuality or not) with placards sporting slogans like “God hates fags”, “Burn in hell fag” and other fucked up shit like that.

Well. He now has gone too far.

His website,, has posted a page which is one too far, definitely.

Apparently. We are to “Thank God for the bombing of London’s subway”

This view, which goes on to say “wherein dozens were killed and hundreds seriously injured. Wish it was many more”. was created because apparently England is the “Island of the Sodomite Damned”. Sick. Absolutely sick. Why has nobody risen up against this evil, hatefilled man yet?

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