I implore everybody to buy a copy of the South Wales Echo today, once again they have published one of my rants on their letters page, check out page 23.
I wrote the letter in response to an article which is published here, Berman accused of witch hunt

“With regard to the article ?Berman accused of witch hunt ? Echo July 28th?, I think that Coun. Michael should look up the word hypocrisy and assure himself that he understands the meaning before criticising Coun. Berman, clearly Coun. Michael clearly does not understand the point that Coun. Berman is trying to convey to him and the rest of the council as well as the public. If a councillor or any person condemns something which they themselves have, or have tried to do in the past, present or the future, then they are a hypocrite. There is no witch hunt, just Coun. Berman bringing the facts of Counc. Cowan’s hypocrisy to our attention.”


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