From cableforum this morning,

ntl to make 10mb broadband speed as standard;
“ntl has confirmed its strategy for the delivery of next generation cable broadband services. A press release informs us, the aim is to make 10Mb its standard broadband access speed. Broadband customers will be able to choose a 10Mb service with a usage allowance to match their requirements. ntl will also offer a choice of broadband services with unlimited usage.”

Do ntl ever stop increasing speeds?
There was a time when I cursed ntl, in the dialup days.
And in the broadband days too to a certain extent, because they always seemed to lag behind all other providers, especially the adsl providers. ntl always seemed to be last to introduce new features that everyone else already had, last to increase speeds to the levels everyone else already had.
But in the last 12 months they have done a complete 360° turn and now appear to be almost leading the way, bar a few of course (bulldog & UKOnline spring to mind, with their 8mb upgrades)

10mb though, jebus. It will be welcomed by me though. I’m a total bandwith junkie. I thought 1mb was enough, but now I have 3mb (maxing at approx 350kb/s) and even that is sometimes frustratingly slow (although is running at full speed, I just need things faster!)

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