Technorati tags #2

Ok, so I emailed technorati‘s support team with my problems in gettings indexed on their site, Neil came back to me on Friday with some suggestions and it seems that I’m not being indexed because, quite simply (these are my words), my coding is all mashed up.

I’ve known for quite some while that my site is just a huge mishmash of code, basically the same base as when the site was first created way back in 1999 but whenever something new is added, or the layout is changed, I make a few adjustments which obviously isn’t ideal.

You can tell theres a problem with your coding if, like happens now, if just one tag is missed out when making a change, or a tag is left in after taking something out, or something like that, the entire blinking site totally screws up, then I spend 30 minutes going through everything trying to find out what’s up.

If you wanna see the extent of the damage, simply right click and go to ‘View source’ and you’ll see what I mean. There are 422 lines of code in the base code (that’s minus and text from weblog posts). Absolutely atrocious.

So, a complete re-write is in order and on its way.
Obviously things are going to go wrong.
I will remember to backup, the thing that I always forget to do.

And, I’m going to spend my afternoon doing it. Even though I am at work. Finished by the time I leave here at 5? I doubt it.
Finished by midnight? I doubt it still. But hopefully, by sometime this week, I will have a fully functioning website that does all the things that everybody else in this great blogosphere can do.

Wish me luck!

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