Charlotte not happy with the Pope!

Oh shit! Lil’ Churchy isn’t happy with ol’ Benedict XVI.
Time to consider your resignation then Your Holiness, if this Kerrrrrazy chick isn’t impressed then you had better watch out, she’ll probably hit you with the bottle of vodka that is permanently fixed to her hand.

But seriously, check out this new story, apparently “I’m from a Catholic family. But I don’t like this new Pope – he even wants to ban Harry Potter. He says it’s because it’s full of witchcraft and other bad stuff.”
Well Charlotte, you cannot be as devout a Catholic as the Pope then can you? You obviously do not understand that the Pope is supposed to be the the highest Catholic, the closest to God and his teachings.
If the Pope says Harry Potter is evil, according to the Catholic religion, then Harry Potter is evil. Full stop. No room for argument from 18 year old nobodies.

Also, Ms Church, just to let you know, Catholicism teaches that sex before marriage is a mortal sin. So get Hensons dick out of your mouth.


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