I hate MT 3.2

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

My comment authorisation script, which is supposed to stop spam, no longer works.
My plugin to interface with FlickR, which I only got working just two weeks ago, no longer works.
I cannot see any of my old comments in the Movable Type administration screens anymore.

It’s just a pile of shit. If they had told us there was going to be major modifications to the way plugins were handled, why did they not make this more promenant on the download page? Huh?

Now, does anybody, anybody anywhere, have a copy of Movable Type version 3.17 or 3.15?
I need to ‘downgrade’ (if you can really call this an ‘upgrade’) and I did not keep a copy of it and cannot find a copy of it anywhere on the net, Sixapart seem to want you to only download from their site.

I also regret not backing up any of my data before applying the change, which was a very stupid idea.


  1. I just don’t get “upgrades” anymore. They seem to be more ‘we haven’t released a product in a while, so let’s make something crazy and call it an upgrade’.

    examples of this in the real world would be thinks like Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels. They haven’t needed an ‘update’ every 6 months to keep consumers happy, and infact have probably secured a firmer consumer-base by NOT “upgrading”.

    Still, Vanilla Coke looks set to destroy us all…..

  2. I’ve updated SCode, but it still won’t work.
    I did that after I started having problems. It’s apparently built for MT 3.2

    But still, it wont displaying the damn captcha image.

    Bugger, I think I know the problem.
    Now to get home and fix it…….

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