In case you haven’t noticed, the site looks a little different today.
I decided after 3 years to make the move from Movabletype to WordPress.

Movabletype has sucked for quite a while now and the upgrade to version 3.2 really clinched it.
Once you have over about 600 entries or so, Movabletype just gets so slow.
It was taking about 20 seconds per page change within the management panel (where I post from) which is just abominable when I want to make changes to templates, delete multiple comments/trackbacks etc.

Over the next few days, it is going to be my goal to get the site looking just as it did under MT.
The templates are going to be the awkward thing, but, I’m sure we will be able to overcome any problems as wordpress has a very vocal and helpful online community, much more than movabletype does.

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