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Lost DVD finally came
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My Lost DVD finally came today after pre-ordering it from, unfortunately I had to pay a customs charge of £8.76 so I probably would have saved money buying it from CD-Wow or Playusa even though their prices were higher. Never mind though.
Anywho, I have now watched every single episode in series 1 which was left on a nailbiting cliffhanger.
This would usually be annoying, but, Series 2 has actually started on NBC in the USA, so it’s available for download, the first episode of which I will get and watch tonight :D yay.

Anyone who isn’t watching Lost on Channel4 or e4 over here in Britain is definitely missing out and you should buy it on DVD *NOW* to find out what you’re missing out on. Is the only series I have watched on TV in a very long time, I find that for the most part TV is a waste of time, there’s hardly ever anything good on, so it’s a big thing for me to actually be enthralled by something.

Obviously though, as I have demonstrated in this case, I have absolutely no patience and hate the way that the UK is always so far behind the US with most series that I just buy the DVD’s or download the episodes to overcome my frustration.


  1. Oh yeah, “LOST” totally rocks! I’m just up to S02E04 right now, looks like they have got themselves into a *right* pickle! Doh!

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