Beware the OneStopPhoneShop!

This is the story of my dealings with the online mobile phone company,, quite a long post, get ready to dig in, like I had to.

They had the best deal on the phone that I wanted to buy Laura that I could find anywhere on the web.

I specified that I wanted to have it delivered to my work address.
The next day, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to take the delivery at work, so I called them up to change the delivery address.
“No problem” I was told, after a 10 minute wait on the phone. “Your order hasn’t been processed yet, so I can get that changed, though I don’t know when it will be dispatched.”

So, I toddle off, happy in the knowledge I would soon be receiving a brand new Sony Ericsson K750i.

24 hours later, almost to the minute of my phone call the previous day, I receive an email from the Internet Team manager, telling me that if I wanted it delivered to work, I need to fax a signed company letterhead.

So, I reply to Wayne’s email, directly to his own inbox telling him that I no longer wanted it to be delivered to my work address and that I had already called to arrange this.
Another 24 hour passed, the order status did not update on the website and I had no reply.
I call One Stop Phone Shop, or at least, I attempt to.
I started calling at 13:10 (this is Wednesday afternoon now, 2 1/2 working days after placing the order).
13:23, after starting at queue position 18, I finally get through, or at least, I think I do.
I hear telephones in the background briefly, before my phone goes dead.
They’ve hung up on me.

OK, accidents happen.

13:24, I redial.
13:30, I get an answer, wow, that was much quicker.
But, oh, wait, the phone system has messed up and passed me through to the ‘retentions’ department who can’t deal with my query. She happily transfers me engaged number. I have no choice but to hang up.
13:31, I redial.
13:46, I get answered. Or at least..I thought for a second I did.
I’ve been hung up on. Again.

Now I’m starting to lose my cool.

13:47, I redial again, 4th time lucky perhaps?
13:59, the familiar sound of phones ringing and people talking for about 2 seconds.
Then, Click.


I’ve wasted the best part of an hour trying to get through to these idiots and got nowhere.

I give up, for now.

I decide at 16:30 to call them again.
The first thing that I am told is that I am at queue position 25.

16:57, 27 minutes later, I finally get an answer.
And a real live person who can speak!!

She tells me that whoops, nobody has taken heed of the fact that you called 3 days ago to tell us you no longer wanted it delivered to your place of work.
She then puts me on hold, I fear for my life that she is either never going to come back, or when she picks back up, she has butter fingers and will accidently hang up on me.

But, she does come back.
Tells me that it will be delivered tomorrow, it’s going out tonight to my home address.

Next morning comes…no phone with the postman.
Perhaps coming with Citylink..

I decide to check the status on the website.
“Status: Awaiting dispatch”
I feel as though I’m going to kill somebody, and this isn’t the start of my murderous thoughts, they get worse as you’ll see, from what happens next.

I read the FAQ on their website to find if they have anything relating to delivery times on there that I can use to back up my plight when I call them.
I find nothing, but I do find something of interest.

“One Stop Phone Shop is BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 approved therefore our customers are guaranteed the best possible levels of service. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and would like to hear from you if you think any part of the ‘experience’ can be improved, please e-mail the Customer Services Director at”

I take them up on the offer.
I email James Edgeware giving a detailed description of my fight with OSPS, hopefully he will read it and reply, but, I’m not holding my breath.

In lieu of receiving a reply from James, I call them again.
12:35pm (Thursday afternoon, 4 days after placing order)
Number 18 in the queue.
14 minutes go by.
12:49pm – Hold music dissapears, replaced by the sound of ringing phones and talking people..then..

I’ve been hung up on. Again.
4 times in a 2 days.
A total of 55 minutes spent in queues just to be hung up on.

This time I lose it totally.
I want blood.

I call their sales line.
Unsurprisingly, no queue. Straight through to a human being.
I dont shout, but I calmly explain to her that I need to speak to customer services.
She tells me to call the number.

I tell her, “I’m not calling that number. I’ve spent 55 minutes waiting over 2 days, just to be hung up on, 4 times.”
She tells me she can’t transfer me to anyone in customer services.

I ask to speak to the guy who sent me that email.
He only responds to letters in writing, apparently.
I ask to speak to James Edgeware, Director of Customer Services, he only deals with written letters too apparently.
The same goes for Managing Director, Nick Edwards.

An internet company, that only deals with snail mail?

Luckily, it seems that this person I am speaking to, after I have a long, fast paced rant that leaves me out of breath, has a slice of empathy in her and decides that although she’s not supposed to do it, she will look at my account for me.

She tells me that it was dispatched last night, the website status is wrong, and even gives me a consignment number. It has gone with City link.

Why did this take me so long to find out?
Why was it so hard for them to answer the phone, or reply to an email with this simple information that even is in their favour!

Well, the phone was received on Friday. I thought that the monkey was off my back and I would never have to deal with them or their shit again. I was wrong.

Laura’s mother also decided to order the same phone on the same day. It has now been over two weeks since we placed the order, and despite calling them every single day since placing the order, she still has no phone.
On Friday we were told that it would definitely be arriving Saturday morning with Royal Mail.
No phone.

Sue (Laura’s mother) called them today, to be told, “You cannot have that offer now. It’s finished.”
And you know what the really, really frustrating thing is.
Nobody in authority will speak to you.
Only the phone monkeys are allowed to talk to the public.

I have emailed their customer service manager, operations directory, sales manager and even the managing director of the company, to no reply.
Now, I work for a major company so I know how things should be run, I and everybody else knows, if things are getting so bad that the managing director is being contacted by customers to complain, things cannot be right within the company.

They are now part of the Carphone Warehouse group, perhaps I should send a letter to their managing director, perhaps he will reply? I doubt it though as they are just as useless having dealt with those boneheads in the past too.

So, my firm recommendation is to stay the hell away from OneStopPhoneShop at all costs.
And, it’s not just my recommendation, see this link here and all the flaming reviews here too!
And, if you are currently brawling with this company, here are some contacts.
Ask for them on the phone, I bet you won’t ever get them, but, here are there email addresses.
Don’t waste too much time writing individual emails to each, send the same, they most likely will never reply anyway, and, also send the same email by registered post, just to make sure they get it.

And last but not least, my next port of call, trading standards. Hopefully they will do something about the way that this company treats their potential customers and not just that, but the money that they cost us in phone calls.
Yes, they even have the cheek to use 0870 numbers, and do no open after 6pm (when it is cheaper to call) so, my one 55 minute call, cost me about £5.50. Cheers.

I’ll keep you all updated on the situatation. I will not rest, even if I have to go to Crewe and visit them.

Customer Services Director:
Operations Manager:
Managing Director:
Sales Manager:


  1. Dude, that sucks…If you need a “heavy” to come with you and stand frowning (at the useless official) with arms crossed and with Paddington bear ™ “Hard stare”, as you complain… ;)

    (and if I wasn’t so far from Crewe, I would)… :(

    Perhaps we can arrange a large, print-out standup or something…

  2. That’s really unlucky! I’m guessing they’re not the best company in the world, however, I bought an Orange SPV C500 from them almost a year ago.

    It was an unbelievable deal, total contract cost would be about 220 for the year, and they were offerning about 180 cash back, so I got the SPV for about 30/40 quid.

    Anyway, so far I’ve had two of the three cash backs (2 nice cheques for £60 from a company is a nice thing :-)) – they’ve tried a few sneaky ploys, like one rep telling me the catchment dates for my claim were something other than they were – but you just have to be on the ball.

    They do pay up.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    Following my call with Mandy (ext 4606) on Thursday 29/12/05 I was expecting a call from her supervisor shortly afterwards. I gave two numbers, both of which have not been called


    I called with regard to a TMTI charge from citymain for £6.99. I had enclosed a letter of complaint (together with my cashback claim for £44 to the cashback department). The letter I received from Christopher Edwards informed me this was set up free of charge and i could simply cancel this after three months. Unfortunately he failed to see on my account I did not receive TMTI and therefore did not want this ‘free set-up and did not want to pay the £6.99. My call with Mandy on the 29/12 confirmed I should not have received this and should not therefore have been charged and was told i needed to contact Citymain myself.

    This alone would not have justified my email now however. Having received a letter from Christopher without my cheque, I enquired as to my cashback claim. I was informed after a long delay there was no cashback claim in the envelope (basically accusing me of lying)and my cashback claim would not be honoured (no apology or alternative). After some very strange reasoning by Mandy she did put me on hold to speak to her supervisor/manager after saying she was the most senior person there. After about half an hour speaking to Mandy and being left on hold she very kindly offered to get her supervisor/manager to call me back. I did find this a little strange at the time as she said there were no out side line (to contact citymain). I gave her two number (my mobile and work number) and informed her i would be at work for half an hour more. I still have yet to recieve a call from the supervisor/manager

    I find it very strange after sending my cashback claim to the cashback claim address that the complaint letter made it but not the voucher and the photocopy of my telephone. The customer service experience has been awful from the beginning. i initially ordered the W800 on orange over the phone, which I was advised would be in stock the following day. After a week of waiting I phoned to discover the phones were not in stock and would not be in stock for an unspecified amount of time. The fact that i was not informed of this together with the fact that when I ordered an alternative the order seemed to go wrong and Virgin did not seem to realise it was a contract phone did make it an easy experience

    I am not one to complain over every little thing and this really is a one off and i do not appreciate having to use my time in this way. i do have better things to do, however i deeply resent being denied what is rightfully mine. I have used your service twice before although took the precaution of sending my claim by registered mail- although this would not have helped me in this case as you received the envelope by somehow missed the three pages of phone bill with a staple cash back voucher and strangely found the letter of complaint.

    to summarize:

    Why have I not been called?
    Why has the voucher/phone bill been lost
    Why would I lie about sending it in – i still have 2 weeks to complete my claim!
    Why is customer service so bad at onestopphoneshop? –

  4. Rob, sounds like a typical OneStopPhoneShop issue.
    Personally, I wouldn’t bother emailing them. I doubt very much they read them at all, even when sending to MD’s etc.

    Your best bet? Sending that email to them by registered post.

  5. Having dealt with e2save in the past and had a good experience i thought buying a phone on the internet must be the best way. I decided on onestopphoneyshop (OSPS) as they had a slightly better deal and ordered a V3i on Orange. Arrived no problem, but being familiar with Nokia’s i just couldnt use it.
    So called their returns dept and the guy said he had the same problem and understood, so i ticked all the boxes and returned the phone as instructed. all sorted.. or so i thought.

    Next i recieve a bill from orange about the line rental on the phone i returned. I thought this a little strange but as i had only returned the phone a week before thought maybe it just hadnt got through in time before the bil was sent. so i ring to find out why i’m being charged. Orange say the phone was disconnected when i returned it but then OSPS decided to ask orange to reconnect it as it was disconnected in error. I would have to call OSPS.

    So i go through the same crap customer services Nate did getting hung up on and various other sh1te.
    Then i manage to speak with Naomi who was gonna solve the whole thing… so i leave it with her. A month later the next bill arrives. so i call again! Nothings changed. I speak to someone else who tries to be helpful but cant cancel the contract as it is now past the 14 day return time. so i call orange, they cant cancel the contract without OSPS authorising it. So they decide to speak with each other… oh, no, wait… they cant because of data protection act. so i’m screwed!

    So now 4 months down the line i still have bills coming to me from Orange for a phone i do not have and cannot therefore use (and definately aint gonna pay for) and each month i have both Orange and OSPS agreeing that it is not my fault and i shouldnt have to pay the money and they are doing everything in their power to resolve it… which by the evidence that this is still going on is obviously absolutely nothing.

    I too dont know how a company that acts in this way can actually keep customers and stay afloat!

    btw, when i returned the first phone i went back to e2save and got a different phone on T-mobile and havent had a problem with them although both e2save and OSPS are owned by carphone warehouse.

  6. How on earth do we stop this company ripping of its customers. Its all right everyone leaving comments, but I purchased from them and was not aware of how disreputable they are. We really should form some kind of action committee to put this lot out of business. Its really a
    our duty and would be a service to the public. Dont you fancy a mission?

  7. I had horrible experience with onestopphoneshop, don’t waste time and money to call them, go to Crewe to visit them might be a good idea.

  8. I have had similar issues with OSPS. All problems seem to come from their returns department. If you discover that ‘John’ in Returns is dealing with your problem then demand someone else! This bloke is totally useless and despite many requests he does not come to the phone – expect a long wait!

  9. I have been trying to complain for weeks but am not getting anywhere. In fact today, I have tried to send an email 3 times, but every time it has failed… strange! I bet if the email were entitled ” i want to buy a phone” they would receive it.

    I have now sent off the email to all 4 of those addresses listed earlier. I am disgusted at the service I have received from onestopphoneshop. It’s a wonder they’re still in business!

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