I can see again!

I’m officially not blind anymore!

After spending more than three years dealing with my short sightedness, not being able to see people or read things that are more than about 5 meters away from my face, I finally decided to book an appointment to see the optician this morning.

He obviously confirmed what was already obvious, that I had ‘myopia’, aka. short sightedness.

I went into Boots Opticians this morning at 9:25 and was out by 11am with vision like I haven’t had since I was 13 years old, completely 20:20. Excellent :D

I’ve done more reading today than I have in my whole life I think, I’m just reading everything that is quite a distance away, just to test myself and put a little grin on my face. I swear people that I walk past in the street must think I’m crazy, just reading signs and smirking.

I did find some spectacles that I liked, but they were £200, Gucci designer glasses so I didn’t to get them there and then because, simply, I haven’t looked anywhere else for any others, so I wasn’t exactly just going to splash out on those before I’ve had a shop around.

I decided to go with contact lenses, the monthly disposable type, though I will get a pair of specs too because, although the contact lenses are comfortable, I don’t think I could wear them all day every day.
Plus, I think I look more intelligent with glasses, so they would be a worthwhile investment for that reason alone ;)


  1. I have Chanel glasses and my last pair were YSL. The OH wears Fila. We’ve both found that buying more expensive frames are worth it as they last longer. The opticians in the Bay are great – and sometimes have sales on!
    Mind you, I also have a pair of £60 all in glasses – for those nights when I think I may fall over/mosh-pits (those were the days!) and small children’s hands!

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