What a waste of bandwith

Charlotte Church has revealed that her rugger-playing boyfriend Gavin Henson recently woke up in bed with a different girl…
But it was in fact just her with her new brunette locks – poor Gav, he must have had a nervous moment before realising.

Let me be the first to say,
What the Fuck!

Charlotte Church mings

Sky News apparently think that this story is newsworthy.
I think it’s an absolute waste of bandwith, time and energy on the part of the person who had to write it.

Who knows, we may soon have ‘Charlotte has dream of getting a real life’ next.

Also, in case she hadn’t already noticed, her new hair-do is absolutely disgusting and hopefully will only do more to bring down her already failing career.

My advice. Move out of Cardiff. We don’t want you here bringing down our image.
Yes, that is my qualm with you.


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