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I have a fascination with blogs from workers within the service industry, mainly Waiters/Waitresses. They seem to come out with the most fascinating stories that I think most of us, even those not in the waiting industry will be able to relate to, likely because most of us are decent restraunt-going people who would never dream of being as rude, arrogant or behaving in any way like some of the people that they encounter on a day to day basis.

My addiction started when I discovered ‘WaiterRant’ about a year ago. ‘Waiter’ as he is known has now moved from Blogger to his own domain and has a seemingly large fanbase juding by the amount of comments that come with every single post (sometimes upwards of 200). But, this is totally justified, not just because of the content, which I can assure you is pure gold, but his style of writing is so uniquely personified. He writes in first person, with full dialogue and it really does put you in his shoes, giving you that extra empathy.

Another favourite of mine is ‘The Insane Waiter’. Following on from WaiterRant using the pseudonym ‘Secret’, it does seem as though these people vye for privacy, which is fair, as if the general public knew where these people worked, they would either be hassled by customers or they would purposely do things to get into the blog, or, they could even get fired.
Insane Waiter delights with stories of couples acting inappropriately, colleagues threatening sexual harassment lawsuits and customers generally being pretty tight around the wallet area. The Insane Waiter

I can certainly tell you something for nothing, reading these blogs has certainly made me appreciate servers much more and has shed a new light into the industry for me. I shall definitely be tipping a much higher percentage in future. (You know us brits, we aren’t customarily very good tippers)


  1. I love those blogs too! I think they make me feel better about my job, and definitely make me a better restaurant patron!

  2. Hrm…try as I might, I’m finding it difficult to get into his writing, however, I agree with your comment, Nate, he gets the attention, so it must just be me, I guess…perhaps I’m finding it difficult to relate to his world, only worked in one proper resturant, that was “La Barbe”, a French place in Reigate (Surrey), doing their washing up…

    I was still at school, yet they fed me wine, beer and extremely smelly cheese, called me “Fronk”, spoke virtually zero English, got me to wash up garlic snail dishes and clean range equipment with strong acid (with holes in my rubber gloves), kept me working until 2am on some nights and forced me to work in the same workspace as the desert chef, who was French (obviously) but was totally obsessed with George Formby…”when eem clean ze window, Fronk, zis is the ‘ight of Inglish culture”…the single CD he owned was put on repeat all night long…(AK!)

    Jeez, I must blog that memory…

  3. I’ve been working at a car wash full time for three or four years now, and my whole view on people has changed drastically since school. I understand how ‘those that serve’ feel, although I am not a waitress and have never been one (I heard that they had to claim their tips for taxes, so I like my under hte table, keep all my friggin tips myself job better). If you can find some blogs for car wash workers, that would be awesome. I think I must be the only car wash attendant that goes online or something, can’t seem to find anything but car wash soap companies and things exclusively for car wash owners, who make the real money.

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