Happy birthday Cardiff

Cardiff centenary cake

My home city, Cardiff, is today 100 years old.
Well, to be precise, it’s been 100 years since it was given city status, by King Edward VII on October 28th 1905.
This year is a double anniversary as the city also celebrates 50 years since it was granted Capital City status.

I do feel however it was very inappropriate that the clocktower and most of Cardiff Castle has been obscured for renovation work, this year of all years. Any visitors coming will be surely dissapointed, and that won’t help the tourism industry that Cardiff City Council are so desperate the nurture and make grow. But, it’s not my decision.

I did decide to go out into the city for lunch today, there was a few things going on in celebration, a small stage with some Welsh vocalists and harpists, free entry to the castle, a free concert at St Davids’ hall, so some thought was put into the day, at least.

On another note, did anybody see or hear the RAF Hawk flyover that was scheduled, according to BBC News, to be flying over Cardiff Bay at 11am? I work very near to the bay and was looking out for it, but, nothing. Did I miss it, or did it not happen?

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