I thought that I’d post a quick note about referrers and hintofsarcasm.
I’ve been monitoring them closely over the past few weeks and having never really cared before now, I’ve found it quite interesting.

First, I’d like to thank those who link me, surprisingly you send me quite a lot of hits.
The Insane Waiter, FinkAngel, Joecas, Sera and Pinkfin.

Good ol’ Google also sends me quite a lot of hits and my pages are usually high in the results pages for certain queries.
Most popular queries are;

I’m getting a lot of hits from Google searches on the OneStopPhoneShop because of this rant posted a few months ago blasting the service I received from them and listing the names and email addresses of all the top people there. Hopefully somebody has managed to get hold of them and give them a good talking to, because I still certainly haven’t been able to.

Mr Pink
Again, in the first page of results, hooray. This stems from my post about the ‘Shitty Tipper Database‘ back in July, a site which, although humorous, I think is morally reprehensible. Perhaps the full names of the ‘shitty tippers’ shouldn’t be used?

Vodka Jelly
Results for this derive from a post made way back in 2003 about my adventures attempting to make Vodka Jelly to take to the Reading festival. Surprisingly, the batch came out OK, even though I had done it completely arse backwards.

Finally, to the person who found my blog through Google using the term ‘Charlotte Chuch boyfriend finger bum‘, you gave me and the guys in work quite a laugh one afternoon a few weeks ago. I salute you sir!


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