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We have to Stop Will Young.

The Pop Idol winner is about to make a career ending move by re-recording the classic Smiths’ song, ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’ as his shot at christmas No.1.

I picked up on this from Fridays’ Guardian, according to this article;

“He has been asked to record a Christmas song for Radio 2, which, being an obliging sort, he’s happy to do.”

“His publicist, one of the small retinue who are accompanying him on a day of TV and radio promotion, says, half-seriously, “What about Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, by the Smiths?” He raises his eyebrows. “How does it go?” The publicist happens to have it on her iPod, which she hands over. It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds of Morrissey in solipsistic yowl for Young to be converted. “

And so, unless his management objects, Young’s contribution to Radio 2’s Yuletide output will be Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – albeit in his own lightly-toasted R&B style.

Although, I have to admit, Will Young is the lesser of the many evils to have come out of the Pop Idol, X-Factor, Popstars, Fame Academy era, but still, I think it would a career mistake and a pop travesty if he were to cover this song.

That is why I have launched an appeal website,

There, you can sign a petition which at the end of November will forwarded to Will’s management and record company in the hope that he will sit up, listen and not make this record.

Please, forward this address to as many people as you can so we can launch a credible campaign to quash this now!


  1. Yeah it’s ridiculous. People need to start becoming real musicians. Will Young was transplanted into the music world, and wrongly so. People only deserve to have acclaim and fame from working hard, not from ‘starring’ in some tv show. I’ve filmed the guy in the bbc once in cardiff and he was a prat. Mr. Young, write a song for once, instead of piggybacking on the shoulders of so-called record producers and singing the lyrics you never invented. Peace out.

  2. Urk! I thought Gates was a clichéd boy-thing, Young had a *slightly* original voice…however, “Solidarity” dictates I should join the cause…count me in… ;)

  3. Will Young is sad, but not quite as sad as his wrinkly fans – they are evil witches!!

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