10mb of goodness

Download speed
Well, I finally got my speed upgrade from my cable provider, ntl, yesterday.
A free upgrade from 3mb to 10mb, not too shabby if I say so myself.

The speed of the download in the screenshot above is typical when downloading from reputable download sites, ie. mirror.ac.uk, but as with any connection, the download speed can only be as fast as the server can/is configured to go.

I have to say though, 23 minutes to download a 2.5gb Linux (DVD) Iso image is pretty good going!


  1. How did you get your NTL upgrade? I left NTL to use Bulldog Broadband’s 8 Meg, but I only get 5 Meg uncapped.

    What’s the extra cost, and what are the limits? :)

  2. Well what can I say. I’m on the NTL 10MB service using the NTL100 sacm and to get a 2.5gb file down in 2.5 hrs means I have no chance because the modem does not like the speed, even tho it does reach 1500 kB/s the stupid thing goes and resets itself i.e. loses connection. Been through the usual banter with the indian call center and they actually think that it is a widespread connection fault and not a modem fault. So I may as well talk to a brick wall cos I may get more sence out of a wall than I did with the useless indian call center. So basically you must have one of the updated modems i.e. ntl 120/200/250 to complete a download of that size in such a short time.

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