David Cameron a fan?

From Morrissey-Solo.com

An anonymous person writes:
Whilst reading the free MEN light newpaper this Thursday i was shocked and ashamed to discover that David Cameron (possibly the next Tory leader) is a self proclaimed Smiths Fan.

The paper was asking both David Cameron and David Davis what they knew about Manchester and where they have been. Cameron stated that he had been to Salford, so he could go and pose outside Salford Lads club!

Can this be true? Or just more political propoganda?
It has to be said though, Cameron has been putting himself out there as the ‘younger, hipper’ candidate, compared to his rival that dinosaur David Davis.

Here are some other examples;

While being interviewed on London’s community radio station, Life FM, Cameron was urged to “put a shout out” to listeners, the Old Etonian hesitated for a moment before replying: “This is a great project, this is a great community, keep backing it, keep it real”.


Mr Cameron – the self-styled “change candidate” – admitted, during quickfire questions on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, that he liked “boxers”.

Also, after some Google-digging, I have found that Mr Cameron is a company director of hip bar chain, Tiger Tiger, watering hole of the stars and uber-rich. (Which also has recently opened a branch here in Cardiff)

I would like to say that, no matter how ‘young, hip and cool’ David Cameron is, or is trying to portray himself, I still do not condone the Conservative party or any of their policies. In fact, the ideals of the Tory party are the complete opposite from my own. I’m a Liberal Democrat. In case you didn’t already know.

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