Moblog: James Blount video gets mobile premier

The new video to the new James Blount single, ‘Goodbye my lover’ today got its premier, exclusively to mobile phone users. Customers of the 3UK network, like me, can download and watch the new video, starring ‘The OC’ actress Mischa Barton, before anybody else.
I do like the album but am never really bothered with music videos. I’m definitely not an MTV watcher and do not agree with the phrase ‘Video killed the radio star’ at all, but I did feel some sort of need to get this, being the techophile that I am.
It really does go to show how mobile phones play such an important role these days, not too long ago no record company would even think about giving premiers to anybody other than national radio & tv stations.
Could this be a sign of things to come? Perhaps a first look at a Speilberg blockbuster on our 176×208 screens? Who knows.

Also, please do not correct my spelling of his name.
James Blunt’s real name is actually Blount, I just refuse to use the name given to somebody by asshole record company executives for them to appear more ‘PR friendly’. See the wikipedia for confirmation.


  1. It wasn’t the record company that chose to change his name, it was James as it is still spelt like Blunt but would definately get pronounced blount. The record company pushed him into releasing Goodbye My lover against his will I believe, and for that we should all dispise record companies in bucketfulls.

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