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Binge drinkers
Well, today is the day. Judgement day, if you will.
Today is the day that society begins a fast descent into unmitigated decline.
Don’t expect anybody to turn up to work tomorrow.
Doctors, Nurses, Politicians or Bus Drivers, all will resign their posts in favour of being at the pub.

Or so the Daily Mail would have you think.

Yes, that’s right, as of today, we, as Brits can buy booze any time of day or night.
Pubs & Clubs, licenses permitting, can open longer, some even 24-hours if they like.
Selected supermarkets, mainly Tesco, which already have large amounts of 24-hour stores, will be able to sell you a bottle of whatever tickles your fancy at any time.

I for one will welcome the change in the law.
So much so that I and my friends will be out tonight celebrating the fact we can now drink with less barriers to overcome, actually being able to go out on a weekday night without being forcibly removed from our seats by burly bouncers at 11pm sharp will be a welcome change.

Contrary to popular belief, there are people out there, many people in fact that enjoy a drink, like to go out and do not cause trouble.
I have been drinking in Cardiff city centre no less than two nights a week for almost 5 years now.
In that time, I have never had to speak to a police officer1, never been in a fight, never robbed anybody, not stolen a car, not even indecently exposed myself.
OK, I’ve been a little loud at times. But who cares when you’re walking down a street that is 100% shops and thus, there is nobody there to hear you?

I stand firm. The new licensing act is a very good idea and, as with anything, it is the minority that spoil it.

1Except for one time that my mate Ricky & I got stopped and searched by the police whilst walking home from a house party, simply for the fact that ‘two guys walking down a street at 5:30am is a bit odd’


  1. Tut, bloody piss heads..hang on? Aren’t I usually the drunkard who joins you on various nights in the pub? Yay out tonight and we can continue drinking until 1am!!!!! WOOOOOOOO I think i’m drunk already (as I have no money I decided to open some wine that I kept in the fridge for emergency use). Go sera! See you later xxx

  2. So THAT’S where you find police officers! Hanging around empty streets at 5am, incase some guys should walk down it…

    I’ll remember that the next time I’m being mugged.

  3. Strongly agree, I think half the problem is that all the pubs simultanious disgorge all their drunken punters into a mass walk to the kebab shop queue, where fights are inevitable as low blood sugar levels send people into a feeding frenzy…this way pub departure will be staggered, got to be a good thing… :)

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