Bigmouth strikes again

Serial money-grabber and general grifter Mike Joyce is at it again..
Ex-Smiths drummer Joyce appeared on BBC Radio 6 (6Music) last night, plugging the fact that he was selling rare Smiths paraphernalia on eBay.
Obviously not content with receiving 25% of Smiths royalties since 1996 and a £1million lump sum for doing absolutely nothing creatively when the band existed, he’s quite obviously in a spot of money trouble again since he is still proving that he is totally talentless, with the failure of another new band.
There are some very rare items up for sale, but, who would want to buy them when they have the signature of a greedy traitor on them?

  • eBay seller: riseupandkill (on behalf of Mike Joyce)

    1. Problem is, it’s not Mike himself selling, someone is doing it on his behalf, you probably won’t get an answer.

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