Looking back at 2005

January 2005

After the Asian tsunami disaster, 60,000+ people pack into the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for a benefit concert, the line-up included legends such as Eric Clapton & Jools Holland. Also on the bill were Kelly Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Keane & The Manic Street Preachers. The event raised over £2million for the cause.

February 2005

Laura & I jetted out to New York city on the 15th of the month. We spent 7 days doing the tourist thing, Empire State building, Staten Island ferry, Wall Street, Madame Tussauds, Times Square etc. and a lot of shopping. The pictures from the trip can be seen on Flickr

April 2005

Election fever gripped the UK ahead of the May 5th general election. As expected, my constituency was held by Labour, but overall my party of choice, the Liberal Democrats, gained more votes than it ever has before, they also took from Labour seat of the constituency bordering my own, Cardiff Central.

May 2005

The Sony PS3 was announced on the 16th of the month at a press conference. Prototypes were then showcased at the E3 show in Los Angeles, May 17th to 20th. The system is due for a spring 2006 release, after that of the Xbox360 which was released in December amid controversy of low-stock.

June 2005

Laura & her family and I flew out to Mauritius on the 17th of June from Heathrow airport. Two weeks of relaxation was well received, though I cannot say much for the internet availability on the island which was pretty much non-existant. But then, I suppose, what do you expect from an island that is thousands of miles off the coast of the Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

July 2005

The Noise & Confusion concert on 10th December at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff is announced and tickets go on sale. Unfortunately I oversleep and don’t get to buy my tickets until 45 minutes after they go on sale. Unfortunately by this time most are sold out and I end up overbuying in order to get the tickets that I want. I never did get rid of all of my extra tickets, one did go un-used.

August 2005

Google enters the IM market with ‘Google Talk’ to much hype around the blogosphere. Unfortunately the hype is short-lived and Google talk still has not really taken off, mostly due to the fact that it largely inferior to other IM clients and that MSN, Yahoo & AIM already have well established userbases.

September 2005

International Talk like a Pirate day fell on the 19th as it does every year and was celebrated around the office with the wearing of pirate hats and talking silly all day. Perhaps you should celebrate it next year?
Also, it was in September that hintofsarcasm.com was migrated to WordPress from MovableType, a decision I think has greatly helped the site to develop.

October 2005

Cardiff celebrated its 100th anniversary of having city status, also it celebrated its 50th year of having Capital city status.
Street entertainers were prevalent all around the city centre including dancers, singers & musicians.

November 2005

New extended licenses for pubs, clubs, bars and other premises licensed to sell alcohol came into force on the 24th of this month amid much controversy from the right-wing.
As expected though, nothing much has come of it except for the fact that we are no longer restricted to 11pm closing times, thus releasing us from our shackles for the first time in decades.

December 2005

Richard Pryor sadly passed away on the 10th of this month aged 65.
He was an inspiration to many and an entertainer to many many more.

I’d like to die like my father died… My father died fucking. My father was 57 when he died. The woman was 18. My father came and went at the same time.

I wonder if Richard attained that? It would not surprise me at all if he did.

I hope you all have a great 2006. I’ll surely be blogging it!

Merry Christmas & A happy new year

I’d just like to quickly take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal readers for sticking with me this year, a year which has been filled with a lot of fun but also a lot of change.
I have posted more blog entries this year than any other since I started blogging, a true sign that my blog is coming of age.
I shall be posting a roundup of the year hopefully later on today, before we ring in the new year.

I’ll leave you for now with a video I made on 23rd December at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland;

One Earth Concert 2006

Barely a week after the massive Oasis/Foo Fighters/Razorlight gig at the Millennium Stadium, rumours started to circulate about another huge concert in the Millennium Stadium.

The Western Mail reported on it, the stadium manager, Paul Sergeant commented on it and today it has been confirmed.

One World Concert 2006

The Darkness, The Strokes & Super Furry Animals have all been confirmed at the gig to be held on Saturday 28th January.
The aim of the concert is to support a global campaign to tackle environmental change, with all proceeds from the concert going to the ‘One Earth Trust’

Concert goers and television viewers will see 20-40 minute performances from at least 10 major artists on the bill and in between sets worldwide celebrities and dignitaries will encourage the public to switch to renewable energy via video and films.

So, 20-40 minutes from at least 10 major artists? Sounds good to me!

Although the one downside to it, is that tickets will cost £40. Considerably higher than the last two major gigs put on at the stadium (£20 for Tsunami gig & £35 for Oasis/Foos).

Tickets are released today from Ticketmaster or OneEarthConcert.com

Not the best day to be a New Yorker

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has called a strike, effectively halting all bus and subway transit throughout New York and neighbouring areas (Queens, Brooklyn, etc.).

The whole system carries over 7million people a day, the city is going to be totally gridlocked.
People won’t be able to get to work, others wont be able to make appointments, tourists will find it hard getting around, it will be absolutely terrible. I could not imagine being unable to use the subway whilst I was there. Both Laura & I were totally dependent on it, the subway is the easiest and cheapest way to get around, as anyone who has been to New York, or any other city with a subway or metro system will know.

A familiar sight around NYC today
Originally uploaded by beemo.

Mayor Bloomberg had this to say,

Tonight, Roger Toussaint and the TWU have taken the illegal and morally reprehensible action of ordering a citywide strike of our mass transit system.

So it sounds as though he isn’t so pleased about it.

Reuters also points out;

As dawn approached, police set up checkpoints as part of a plan to ban cars carrying fewer than four people from midtown Manhattan. The city has contingency plans such as strict car pool rules to help avoid gridlock.

Yep. Minimum 4 persons per car in Manhattan. That’s quite a bitch, but, nonetheless necessary.
Manhattan gets pretty gridlocked on a normal day, can you imagine what is going to happen on a day where 7million people have been forced onto the streets in cars and taxis? Yeesh.

As I write this, rush hour will be preparing to start in the big apple, it’s 6:30am.
Good luck to all you New Yorkers, have a great day regardless.

USB Missile Launcher

The Tasty and a few other bloggers have been raving about a USB powered missile launcher which looked cool as hell.
Reading on in the post, it is only available here in the UK, exclusively to Marks and Spencer, so, naturally I had to rush down there and get one.

I installed it this morning in the office and have been pelting everyone in the IT department all morning since, everyone thinks it’s quite possibly the best thing that has ever come out of USB.

Software is included so it can be controlled, able to move left, right, up, down, as you would expect so that it can be aimed, it is actually quite versatile.

Here are some pictures of it in action;

Video of it in action coming later on :D