Bigmouth strikes again #2

Morrissey has replied to the statements made by Mike Joyce on 6Music on Tuesday night and frankly, if what Moz is saying is true, I am truely disgusted and would be motivated to not buy another Smiths’ album until I’m sure that the situation had been resolved.

According to Morrissey, since 2001 all royalties for Smiths work has gone soully to Mike Joyce or payments towards legal fees incurred by Joyce’s actions. Neither he nor Johnny Marr have received a since that year for work that was soully written and composed by them. Joyce had little to no creative input throughout the life of the band, now he is receiving 100% of the royalties?

Since 1989, Mike Joyce has cost Morrissey personally, £1.515million pounds.
He will have taken from Johnny Marr a similar sum.

And this is the part that takes the biscuit;
In 2001, Morrissey claims that Mike Joyce attempted to seize, through legal action, Moz’s mothers and sisters houses.
When this fell through due to lack of evidence, he refused to pay the £150,000 that it had cost Moz in legal fees.

You can read all the gory details over at, it’s grim reading and really made me angry when reading it. I now fully understand why Morrissey left this United Kingdom of Great Britain, the legal system really does stink, especially if you’re rich and somebody wants to make a quick couple of (million) quid off of you.

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