The night it snowed, in Las Vegas?

Just a quickie today, I’ve a few events coming up now so it’s due to be an exciting few weeks.
I have no less than 4 work-related christmas parties to attend and a gig in the Millennium Stadium.

The big, whole company party is going to be one to remember, I should think.
It’s being held on the pitch at the Millennium Stadium, with the roof closed, I should hope!
Yep, this is the same Millennium Stadium that the Rugby World Cup was held in 1999, the FA Cup final contested 2001-2005, that Wales won the Grand Slam and beat England in 2005 and many more amazing events, and my company has got it all to themselves :p
If the quiz night that I went to, again colleagues only, a few weeks ago is anything to go buy, it should be pretty fun, and most will be pretty damned drunk.

There is to be Roulette, Blackjack, a bucking bronco, a three course meal, Elvis & his showgirls performing and, most importantly, a ‘competitively priced bar’!

Along with all that, naturally, comes the potential to make a complete arse out of myself in front of the people who I have to work with every day. Though, I am determined not to turn myself into ‘that guy who did [insert embarassing situation] at the Xmas party’

Also as part of my duties to the new licensing laws, I have a team christmas night out, that one is actually this week, not too long away. We’re going to Chiquito, in the old brewery quarter in Cardiff, again, another potentially embarassing night on the booze though this time, only in front of my peers. Lucky me, eh?

[mental note]
Don’t drink ANY whiskey, Don’t drink ANY whiskey
[/mental note]

It’s the whiskey that turns me into a total fool, though I love it so.
Lager/Beer is OK, but I can’t drink more than 2 pints of it, and by that time, I’m hankering to get the taste of it out of my mouth, so my natural instincts attract me to the whiskey.
The older the better.
If anybody wants to buy me a christmas present this year, now you know what to get ;)


  1. When your company puts “buy Millennium Stadium” on its list of Christmas expenditures, you know they have a *little* too big a budget to ever feel guilty stealing from….

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