Google Earth, updated!

Google Earth has finally been updated with hi-res satellite photos of my home city, Cardiff.

After a long wait, the images no longer look like this;

but now look like this;

Upon further inspection, it seems that they have updated pretty much all of South East Wales, incl. Barry, Newport, Caerphilly etc.
The resolution of the images is totally awe inspiring, although they are a little old, I would estimate sometime in 2002.
The images are actually circa March/April/May 2001 as the new National Assembly building in Cardiff Bay is just starting to be built, work began in March 2001.

Also, Google Maps (the web version) has not been updated yet, only the standalone client, Google Earth has.
Google Earth is free, and amazing. Get it now!

If, or when you get Google Earth, use this link to get to some of my placemarks.
Cardiff Placemarks for GEarth


  1. If you can see Laura’s car…. how regularly are the satellite images updated? Could you effectively use it to spy on someone?

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