Can NTL do anything right?

Today is the day, the day I get my broadband back.
Or so was supposed to be the case.

I called my house a few minutes ago to get my sister to check that the work had been done, but instead, I was greeted by an elderly woman.
I hung up the phone. I must have mis-dialled.

I called my house number again, dialling carefully this time.
The elderly woman again. What is she doing in my house?

It turns out that NTL have been doing work on her phone line too, she lives around the corner from me.
Seems as though when NTL pulled our cable and replaced it, they have plugged our line wires into her socket, or however it goes.

I tried calling NTL but as per usual, queues, queues, queues, so I have set my dad the task of getting through to them and trying to get them to sort out their mess.

Just called my dad at home to check my broadband, and, it’s not working.
So, in essence. NTL came to fix broadband, didn’t.
Messed up the telephone line and left.



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