Daily agenda points

Here are todays agenda points, courtesy of the Daily (hate) Mail;

Let’s take a few moments to read over these crucial headlines that adorn the front page of the todays newspaper;

1) Stamps: First class post going up to 36p.

  • This is a blatant lie. First class stamps will be rising from 30p to 32p, I’m sure we can trust Aunty beeb on this one
  • This headline is placed here solely to scare little old ladies who will read this headline on the newsstand, buy the paper and then realise that inside it actually says, the price of stamps will be rising to just 32p. Not 36p as we screamed on the front page, thank you for reading, sucker.
  • Infact, what it does say inside is that by 2010 the price of stamps will be 36p
  • 2) Robbie: Libel payout over gay slur

  • Good on him, if someone said in the national press that I was gay I’d want to sue them for millions too.
  • 3) Health: Wait longer for your operation

  • Just what is the Mail’s agenda on the NHS? Firstly they were up in arms about the fact that waiting lists for operations are getting longer and longer, now, they’re giving their readers tips on how to wait longer?
  • Perhaps they’re giving tips on how to wait longer so that they can fabricate more front pages about long waiting lists when in fact the situation is much better now?
  • More ranting about the Mail soon, I should expect..


    1. Who cares if stamps cost 32p or 36p?

      Maybe the Health thing is complaining *about* having to wait longer for your operations? I haven’t actually read it so I dunno.

      Are you back online yet?

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