Today is the day..

We’ve waited so long, but, the day is finally here.

Noise & Confusion at the Millennium Stadium is on this afternoon.
Oasis, The Foo Fighters, Razorlight & The Coral, amazing lineup.

I can’t wait to see Dave Grohl perform tracks from the new Foo Fighters album, it really is one of their best yet.
Oasis, they’re ok. Kinda big headed, but, they have put out some good tracks.
Razorlight, one of this years hottest bands.
The Coral, fun and bouncy stuff, should be good to get the crowd going.

I will be sneaking my video camera in with me, so expect me to firewire some stuff when I get home tonight.
It is going to be a long one however, the gates opened at 12, midday but I’m expecting the big bands to start coming on at about 5 or 6pm.


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