Gmail mobile & other new features

gmail_mobile_sm.gifGmail has today announced a list of new features available in time for the christmas holidays including, Gmail Mobile.
Yep, an official Gmail over-wap application. Excellent.
I have been using Gmailwireless (based on Gmail-lite) for months now, and, although it does the job, it just isn’t as versatile as the real deal.
Also, gmail mobile brings over Googles fantastic document re-processing power, so that PDF & MSWord documents (amongst others) can be viewed as html documents in your mobile web browser. Pretty neat.
Also this feature has been added to standard Gmail, yay.

Oh yes, and, two words for you.
Auto Responder.
Yes, finally Google has listened to the cries from its users and added an ‘out-of-office/on-vacation’ style auto-reply system. When it is switched on, a reply is automatically sent to the email sender with a custom message, as you would expect.

Go google!


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