USB Missile Launcher

The Tasty and a few other bloggers have been raving about a USB powered missile launcher which looked cool as hell.
Reading on in the post, it is only available here in the UK, exclusively to Marks and Spencer, so, naturally I had to rush down there and get one.

I installed it this morning in the office and have been pelting everyone in the IT department all morning since, everyone thinks it’s quite possibly the best thing that has ever come out of USB.

Software is included so it can be controlled, able to move left, right, up, down, as you would expect so that it can be aimed, it is actually quite versatile.

Here are some pictures of it in action;

Video of it in action coming later on :D


  1. This thing owns. I have one dilemma… I lost the software CD. *cries* Anyone have an image file they can send me? Contact me at if you do. I really need to get this thing running again, it kicks ass.

  2. Angelo, I have mounted a logitech camera on my rocket launcher. I plan to write an intelligent surveillance system program which can automatically detect and attact the intruder.
    Can you sent me your library please. Thank you very much!!



  3. Yea 2 of my friends allready have this. I have seen some mods they have added which make it alot more powerfull and they also sharpened the darts so now its more dangerous.

  4. hi
    i just got the usb missile launcher
    however i managed to throw the installation cd away
    is there any way that i can get it to work on my computer


  5. Thanks so much for these posts. I have been looking for the drivers for three days ya’ll made my day by having the software here.

  6. I’ve released a new version of “Missile Launcher (mfire)” which allows for command line and graphical control under Windows (including Vista).


  7. Has anyone got any info on controlling the launcher in visual basic 2008? It dosnt seem to responce even to “send keys” when the app is open. Iv made a motion detector and was planing on linking the two together! I will give out the source once im done, if anyone has any info that will help please email me:

  8. Ian, where did you put your software ? And what kind of drivers do you need ? XP does not recognize anything when I plug it in…

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