A total mockery

A report has emerged that court summons will be delivered to Michael Barrymore, whilst he is in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

I haven’t been watching the series, simply because it doesn’t deserve any of my attention.
But, I cannot seem to go one day without something cropping up on one of my subscribed RSS feeds about it.
Since I haven’t been watching it, I haven’t felt the need to post about it. But this story has really made me sit up and shake my head in disbelief.

Stuart Lubbock was found dead in quiz show host Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool in 2001.
Not enough evidence was ever found to convict Barrymore of any involvement in his death.
In 2004, Lubbocks father, Terry, sued Barrymore for £100,000. Apparently they had come to this sum based on Stuarts earnings.
Fair enough, he did leave behind two young daughters.

Today, Terry Lubbock & his solicitor have been back to court to a private prosecution against Mr Barrymore.

Surely whilst the proposed defendant is participating in a national television program is not the best time to bring a prosecution against him?
I fail to see how this will do the Lubbocks’ case any good at all.

The channel running the programme, Channel4 will lap this up. It’ll push their ratings up, thus increasing their adverstising revenues and Barrymore will be synonymous with being ‘the guy who got endicted on live television’.

You really couldn’t make some of this stuff up. It’s getting like an episode of Eastenders.

  • MP acts like cat, makes fool out of self, should resign.
  • Rock star wears Gorilla hair coat, could be jailed.
  • Anti-bullying ambassador bullied by housemates.

However disbelieving I am over these revalations, I still shan’t be watching the programme on television, still it is not worthy of my time.


  1. Don’t see much of a comeback from Michael Barrymore. I see someone has been arrested on suspicion of perjury on this Lubbock Barrymore case. Looks like it will al come out in the wash.

  2. Michael Barrymore, I thought he had a new series coming out on Channel 4, was this all Bull. A film on the death of Stuart Lubbock seems to be more on the books, Michael could play him self, the extras could be the party guest’s, only one person missing & that’s Stuart Lubbock.

  3. Nothing new in Michael Barrymore book almost looks half the story though. Awight Now – Setting The Record Straight, guess we will have to wait for the next saga in Barrymore’s trouble life. Stuart Lubbock is certainly sticking to the once King of Saturday Night. How the mighty have fallen. 10/10 for Terry Lubbock confronting Barrymore at Waterstones Oxford Street.

  4. Michael Barrymore no smoke without fire, why did he run away. Why has Kylie Merritt not been prosecuted for perjury. These party goers no much more including Michael Barrymore. Shame on them!

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