I got the tickets!

8, in fact.

The tickets actually went on sale, on Ticketmaster, by my count, at 8:57. But hell. I’m not complaining.

Ticketmaster & See, the main online ticket sales sites had all seating tickets.
I bought 4. Best seats in the house. Tier 11. Seated in direct line of sight of the stage.

When I got hold of a seating plan, however, I noticed that there was space for ‘stalls’ in front of the stage.
I wanted to get my hands on these, but Ticketmaster nor See had any listing of them whatsoever.

So, at 9:30, I called my local ticket office, Ticketline UK. They did indeed sell standing tickets!

So, I bought a further 4.
No skin off my nose, somebody will want to buy those seated tickets from me.

Inside St Davids HallI’ve not been to a gig in St Davids Hall before, so I wasn’t too sure of the size of it and how close we would actually be, should we choose to stand.
I checked out Google Image search and found a picture, it looks quite small, quaint, and ultimately, this will make the gig quite intimate. I’m glad I bought standing tickets now.

Roll on 15th May. I have booked the day off work, so will have the whole day to prepare for it and get there early. The doors open at 7:30, but I’m planning to get there around 4/5pm to get as close to the stage as possible.

The main thing is, I have tickets to see Morrissey!
What a great day :)


  1. They didn’t advertise the TicketLine thing well – I was really after standing tickets (although I have no idea why. Being five foot, I’d have seen none of the gig in all likelihood and would have been trodden on!).
    Never mind. Have tickets, when a lot haven’t. The whole thing was a bit of a nightmare, with constantly engaged phonelines and sites falling over. However, think I’m front row, in tier 8. Perfect view.
    And, it’s not that intimate or small. Having played on that stage it’s completely terrifyig! However, it’s not like a stadium gig, when you sometimes get little atmosphere.
    Am booking the day off as well (and probably the day after). Can’t wait…

  2. Actually, if you want rid of the tickets for Tier 11, I might be able to help you. Was looking for more than the 4 I managed. Drop me an email.

  3. Hello!!!
    My name’s Virginie and I’m French.
    My husband has been a Morrissey fan for ever.
    The thing is we were working when the tickets went on sale and now I’m back home, the gig is sold out…
    I wasn’t very generous for Christmas so I would have been so delighted to offer him a chance to see Morrissey (especially since we’ll be in Liverpool in April).
    If you sold those tickets, how much would you want?
    Thanks a lot!!!

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