Suitable sustenance

Well, it’s another Sunday afternoon.

One Sunday every month, I have to work.
It’s a boring task, as generally, there is nothing to do.
My job is to be here in case there is an incident.
Server goes down, telephones stop working, printer blows up, etc. You know, the usual ‘issues’ that people without the word ‘support’ in their job title are incapable of dealing with.
But, since so few people actually work on a Sunday, there is hardly ever a problem.

I bring in my laptop or portable DVD player and sit here watching movies all day. Cushty.

What I miss, however, is the Great British Sunday roast, normally enjoyed every Sunday, either with my family, or Lauras family. It’s a British tradition.
Turkey, Beef, Pork or Lamb with all the trimmings, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, roast potatoes, new potatoes and not to mention, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.

It simply cannot be beat.
Fuck ‘the great American hamburger’
Fuck ‘the amazing Italian pizza’
A British Sunday lunch will win each and every time.

But, I don’t get to have it whilst I’m in work.
In fact, I rarely eat when I’m in work on a Sunday. I can’t usually be bothered walking into the city centre to get anything, even if it is only 5 minutes away.
The reason being, when I do get there, what is my choice?

Burger King, McDonalds or a shitty tuna sandwich from the newsagents that has been there, on the counter next to the till since at least Friday morning, if not before.

But now, I’ve discovered an alternative.


They will deliver a full roast dinner, with the meat (or nut cutlet for you veggies) of your choice, anywhere in Cardiff.

The prices aren’t too bad, considering if I had a pizza delivered, it would be about the same price.

I’ve decided to try it out this afternoon,

Roast turkey
served with bacon & sausage roll, sage & onion stuffing,
new and roast potatoes, gravy, peas & carrots

Sounds great. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

Update 16:39
Well, it came, in good time too.
Overall, it gets high marks. Obviously, it isn’t quite like mum’s roasts, simply because everyone is used to their own family style of cooking it and everyone is slightly different.
Some mix the vegetable water to make the gravy, others put marmite in the gravy, others don’t.
Some steam their vegetables, some boil them, etc.

One thing is for sure though, I shan’t have to miss a Sunday roast again just because i’m working.


  1. MARMITE in the gravy?!!?!?!?!!??!?!???????????????????????????????????????????????

    Well it looks a bit like slimy airline food from that packaging, but potentially quite appetising. (Provided it doesn’t contain marmite)

    How many peas did you get in your keyboard?

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