It’s Oscar time

Oscar statuetteYup, it’s come around again.
Time for the academy to award the movies with the biggest budgets with little gold statues and to leave out the great little independent films that actually have some heart, and a storyline.

Naturally, Brokeback Mountain has cleared up with the most nominations of any film, including Best Picture, hardly a surprise. Although the Screen Actors Guild snubbed the movie, this was unlikely to happen at the Oscars, afterall, it is virtually run by the movie distributors. Not being nominated for an Oscar would kill DVD sales.

Personally, I think that Crash was the better film of 2005 and deserves to get the Best Picture gong, for which it has also been nominated, though only through lack of alternate choice.

The film of 2005 that I think should have been nominated and presented with the Best Picture award is Woody Allen’s Match Point, though saying that, I am yet to see Munich, which, from what I have heard, could potentially win my (non-existant) vote.A History of Violence

With regard to the Best Director nominations, the obvious ones are there, Spielberg (for Munich, not WotW, gladly), Ang Lee (for Brokeback Mountain, of course), but in my opinion, the obvious winner should be David Cronenberg for History of Violence. Cronenberg kept the story enthralling and full of doubt about what was going to happen next, absolutely brilliant.
You can read the full list of nominations, here, at the official Oscars website.


  1. I’ve pretty much taken to only buying movies that *haven’t* won awards nowadays…. ever since watching ‘Elephant’ and ‘The Aviator’. (advice: don’t)

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