Gadget of the week

Have you ever been in a cafe/airport/train station (delete as applicable) and wanted to connect up via wifi using your pda/laptop/phone, but after waiting minutes for it to boot up, are left dissapointed to find that you are not within range of a hotspot?

I have, and so have many others, I have no doubt.

And thus, the guys at Kensington Technology have come up with the ‘Wi-Fi Finder Plus‘.
I got mine yesterday, and I have to say, I’m impressed.
It’s small enough to fit on my keyring, and it works quickly, giving results in just under 2 seconds.
It has 6 LED’s. The first 5 show the signal strength.Kensington Wifi Finder Plus
1 red for no signal and then 1-5 green to show how strong the signal is.

There is also 1 LED for Bluetooth. It will aptly glow blue if there is a bluetooth device in range.

It’s an improvement on the original Wi-Fi finder, also by Kensington, which was released last year, which would not detect encrypted networks, only had three LED’s to show strength and did not have bluetooth support.

This little geek toy is very practical and will definitely save me a lot of time.
No more whipping out the PDA to gross dissapointment. Yay.

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