You knows it, clart!

glc04.jpgGot myself and Laura tickets to a secret invite only Goldie Lookin’ Chain gig on Monday, in Cardiff.

Should be fun and interesting. Apparently it’s a very, very small one, like the Stereophonics album launch gig we went to last year where there were only around 200 in attendance.

Hopefully by that time I should have my camera back so that I can take some photographs in there.
I finally got around to sending it back to Fuji for repair after I dropped it on the floor, numerous times, one drunken night in early December.
The zoom lense got stuck in the out position and no matter what I did, I could not get it to go back in.
Paid just under £100 to have it repaired, but, at least it has taught me one lesson, to leave the nice Fuji F10 at home when going out on the lash, take the cheaper Nikon out instead. I won’t miss that too much if it gets broken.


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