The great crisp taste test

Walkers have radically overhauled their crisp manufacturing operation.Walkers, new & old
They are now using Sunseed oil and have totally elimitated the use of vegatable oil.
The use of this new oil is said to decrease saturated fat by 70%

The new style taste different, but how different? And are they better, or worse?
We put them to the test.

Three hardened tech support junkies with nothing better to do seem like ideal candidates for our little test.

Adam Mark Jon

And here is how they line up..


We have the both old and new style Roast Chicken & Cheese and Onion crisps. To be fair, an independent adjudicator, me, placed one crisp from each bag onto tissue paper and remembered which was which.
The contenstants were not allowed to see which was which.


Guessed correctly the difference between the Cheese & Onion, but not the Roast Chicken. Prefers the new to the old in both varieties.

This crisp connoseuir was able to detect with ease the difference between the new and the old varieties. 10/10. However, he did not know which was the better crisp. Indeed, Mark even remarked something that I think we had all been thinking for many years….
These don’t even taste like chicken.”

Correctly guessed the Cheese & Onion new from old, but failed miserably with the Chicken as by the time he had guessed the Cheese ones, he had forgotten what the Chicken ones tasted like, D’oh! Also reports that he is indifferent as to which is the superior potato product.

Messing around with 4 bags of crisps really makes a mess of your desk, and also, nobody really cares as much for crisps as I do. Go figure.


  1. Cheese and onion sounds like an okay combination, but what does a roast chicken chip really taste like? We don’t have either one of these in the US.

    Do you have BBQ chips in Wales?

  2. Personally, I can’t describe what a roast chicken crisp tastes like, but, my colleague Mark says that it doesn’t taste too dissimilar to Cheese & Onion, which I cannot argue with.

    The funny thing is, the Roast Chicken crisps are ‘suitable for vegetarians’ :p

  3. Are the Cheese and Onion suitable for vegetarians yet? Last time I heard an interview with someone from the Vegetarian Society she was saying they weren’t :)

    My favourites are the Marmite – oh and this is a prime example of how good a blog post can be, well researched, nicely presented and good fun :)

  4. I don’t like crisps much even if they are low fat. We prefer Chocolate where I work, and we eat it every day not just Fridays.

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