Go Red for Wales…and, snow!

Well, its been a very busy day around the office today,
since getting in a 10am, I’ve watched sumo-wrestling with Welsh rugby players, balloons being released by a famous Welsh actress and indulged in chocolate covered treats from a chocolate fondue. All in the aid of The Princes Trust, it certinaly has been a fun day.

Also, upon waking this morning, I was to find the streets covered in snow, quite a bit too, where Laura lives.
Since then, it’s been snowing off and on all day. One moment it’s bright and breezy, 15 minutes later, the skies have covered in grey fluffy clouds and you can’t see for more than a few meters out of the window because of the thick snow.

SnowToday, in case you did not know, is St Davids Day, the patron saint of Wales. (Think of what St Patricks day is to Ireland and you’ll know what I mean..)
The Princes Trust use this day, in Wales, to promote their cause by running a scheme called ‘Go Red for Wales‘. Our company use it to help raise funds by doing all manner of fun activities throughout the day.
As well as being able to come in wearing casual clothing (with something red incorporated, in my case, a red Wales t-shirt) there have been events like quizzes, hockey challenge, scalextric racing and sumo-wresting with Welsh rugby players Tom Shanklin & Gareth Williams.

This morning, Ruth Madoc of Hi-De-Hi fame was here to publicise the Go Red for Wales concept and to pose for a few photos during a balloon release that had been organised. I managed to get quite a lot of photos from that, see my flickr photoset. She was a great sport, laying on the ground even, for some photos.Chocolate fondue

However, my achilles heal came this afternoon when the Chocolate fountains were switched on. 3 Strawberries, 2 marshmallows and a very sticky keyboard later, I’m still glad I did it ;)

In other news, the Senedd was opened this afternoon in Cardiff Bay. Better known as ‘The new Welsh Assembly’ building.
Opened this afternoon by the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles it looked like an extravagent event. We saw the fly-past by the RAF from our building, didn’t look too impressive…just four planes flying close to each other. They didn’t actually do any maneouveres or anything…a nice waste of a few thousand pounds, I bet.
I overheard some English businessmen talking about it on the train this morning. Obviously they had no clue what they were talking about and only knew what they had read in the newspapers.
For their information, and anyone else who is confused, or has been misled, it was not finished on time, it was not completed on budget (in fact, it cost almost 5x as much as originally planned) and it will not emplore any of the AM’s (Assembly Members) to do any more work than the little that they did before.


  1. it snowed down here in Exeter too :)
    I love that chocolate fountain thing, a few weeks ago i went to a chinese restaurant that had one and dipped all kinds of exotic fruits in it (lychees etc), very nice!
    glad you enjoyed St Davids Day (sorry i’m not Welsh ;) )

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