An exciting year for wireless connectivity

Lets face it, 2005 was crap.
Crap for mobile phones and wireless devices, anyway.

What was the best we got?
Candybar phones with 2 megapixel cameras by the back end of the year, that was about it.
And even they weren’t that impressive.

2006 however has much brighter prospects.
In fact, I would say that I am positively bonerfide about the year ahead of us.

Most notably we have the debut of the Nokia n91 to look forward to.Nokia n91
The first mobile phone with a hard drive, a 4gb one too, not to be sniffed at considering that at the moment the we can get about 1gb at best, in the form of various different memory cards.
Nokia have kept us waiting, however. This handset was announced and pictures released over a year ago but still it is shrouded in secrecy and a release date has still not been set.
I can empathise however, what with this being the first symbian device to have to deal with a hard-drive & Wi-Fi, there has to be a few hurdles to overcome.

K800The next piece of exciting kit is the Sony Ericsson K800 which is due to be launched in Q2 2006, ie. Soon.
It will be UMTS (3G), have 64mb of internal memory and a option for using Sony Memory Stick, the defining feature, however, will be the 3.2megapixel camera that is intergrated.
I mean, jesus, thats high resolution, for a phone.
Having used many Sony Ericcson handsets, including this models predecessor, the K750, which is 2megapixels, I should be assured that this will maintain the quality that has been put out in previous models.

One feature that stands out is thus;

A completely new feature developed by Sony Ericsson is BestPic™, which ensures that you never ‘miss’ an important picture. Press the shutter button once and get 9 full quality 3.2 megapixel pictures to choose from in a time sequence – 4 pictures before and 4 pictures after the actual image you captured. All 9 pictures are displayed as icons on the display. Simply scroll backwards and forwards through the 9 images and save the ones you like best.

K800(2)Kinda like some mid/high range digital cameras have, a very useful feature.
One flaw, however, is that although it has 3G capabilities, it will have limited use as a video-phone due to the fact that it has no camera on the front of the handset. The same flaw plagued the Nokia 6630 which was doomed to failure and was superceded very quickly by the 6680.

Some lustful images are also coming out from Samsung HQ, such as the SGH-i310 musicphone.
With its 8gb of storage capacity and 2megapixel camera, it is one to drool over.
Although, this handset is only GSM (Quad-band). It will serve a purpose as an mp3 player, but it will be slightly outdated when it comes to wireless data transfer.i310
3G is a minimum requirement now guys, get with the program!
Though, an interesting and unique feature it does have is TV-Out. Quite how a mobile phone would use this, or more to the point how a mobile phone user would see this as a necessity, is quite trivial.
I can’t imagine many situations when I would want to connect my phone to a TV and watch the poor-quality videos of friends drinking in pubs. But, I could be surprised.


  1. mmmmmm :)

    I want my contract to hurry up and end so I can get a new phone. Hopefully by the time it does they’ll be a few neat ones to choose from

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