Date Movie

What can I say? This movie has been the UK’s No.1 movie in the cinema charts for the last two weeks, but why?

Well, obviously the charts only guage how many people go into the theatre and not those that leave prematurely, which I should have done.

Opportunistic and monotonous are the only ways that I can describe this movie.
The trailer boasts

From two of the seven writers of Scary Movie

We can see why the other five did not want to get involved.
I let off more laughter at the pre-feature trailer for Scary Movie 4 (which, by the way, looks great), than I did through the entirety of Date Movie.

Date Movie was kind of like the Scary Movie series disowned leprosy-ridden little half-brother. Attempts were made to rip the piss out of movies and tv-shows, to little effect. I mean, when we saw Meet the Parents, we understood that the cat was using the toilet on its own, we didn’t need 3 minutes of a feline making diorreah noises on top of the bowl to make us laugh. It was funny originally. Plus, that movie was out 6 years ago, talk about behind the times.

The Michael Jackson gag? Come on. Also, it was done in Scary Movie 3.
He was acquitted, give the guy a break.

The twists and turns, in what little storyline there was, were as bumpy as driving the swiss alps in a Robin Reliant.
Alyson Hannigan, although a talented actress, was clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel when she accepted this role.

0/5 – The lowest possible star rating, and on my first review too. Lets hope I don’t choose too many more stinkers.
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  1. haven’t seen it, but i’ve seen adverts for it on the web and it looked soooo dumb to me! glad that your review confirmed my initial impressions of this movie – i am now sure i won’t waste money going to see it then!

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