Reality TV gets personal

After sitting on the bus talking to him no longer than 3 weeks ago, I have discovered that an old friend of mine, Ryan Lewis, is actually now basking in the glorious sunshine of the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, participating in the reality TV show, Shipwrecked.

From what I can gather, he arrived on the island late into the game, on the episode aired 16/04.

I’ve never seen the program before, but I had heard of it, I think it was one of the first of this wave of reality TV shows to hit our screens, in early 2000.

From wikipedia;

Shipwrecked is a reality television series on Channel 4 in the UK as part of T4. Originally broadcast in 2000 the programme adopted a new format for the Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands series, first broadcast in January 2006.

There is a long list of rules on the Channel 4 website, it seems quite in-depth.
I’m sure that I saw UKNova had episodes available to download, so that is my task for this evening.

And to Ryan, who won’t be able to read this..
Good luck Mate!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why didn’t I know about this sooner??

    What the hell’s happened to him – he’s turned into a ‘homie bling bling’ who can’t rap for shit. Like the hilarious rejects you always see on Pop Idol.

    Bless ‘im. Mail me the torrents if you find them?

  2. I have a story slightly related to this that i thought might amuse you. My uncle knew someone whose father was on one of these stranded-on-a-desert-island reality-TV game-shows, probably Shipwrecked although i think there was another show that was similar. Anyway, there was a task for the people on the island to do and the winner got to spend a day with a loved one. This guy’s dad came second so he got to have a short conversation with his son. He’s football mad and supported Newcastle United, and they’d played a match while he was on the island and he’d missed it. The convo went like this:
    Dad: “How did Newcastle do in the match?”
    Son: “We won 2-1!”
    Dad: “Great! [pause, thinks what else to say…] How did mum’s operation go?”

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