The wrong boy

My new read arrived from Amazon this morning.

The wrong boy – by Willy Russell

I have enjoyed books by Willy in the past, in fact, you will have heard of some of them, Educating Rita & Blood brothers are probably the most famous.
So, when I stumbled upon this little gem, I knew it was a must-read.

The wrong boy tells the story of Raymond Marks, a normal boy from a normal family, from a normal northern town.
The whole story is from first person perspective, written entirely in letters to Morrissey.
A truly inspired method, if I may say so myself.

Here’s a short excerpt from the start;

16 June 1991
Birch Services,
M62 Motorway

Dear Morrissey,

I’m feeling dead depressed and down. Like a streetlamp without a bulb or a goose at the onset of a Christmas time. Anyroad, I thought I’d pen a few lines to someone who’d understand. I know you probably won’t answer this; I don’t know if it’ll even get to you. And, anywho, even if you wrong back which I know is highly dubious it wouldn’t get to me because I’ll have gone. The above address is just a service station I’m stopped at. I’ll probably not even post it. I’m writing this in the book I use for writing my lyrics and putting my ideas down. It’s sort of a journal, I suppose; although it makes it sound more important than it really is.

Click here to buy it at don’t seem to sell it. They do however sell a book by the same name by Carol Stanley, though, it isn’t the same one.

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