Give it up Madge, you old money grabber

Seriously though, Madonna.

If you pay £80-160 or more (ie. from a tout) to see Madonna, then you are a total fruit loop.
You do realise this woman is a fake?
A product of the media?

She doesn’t even like you. You’re scum to her.
If you walk up to her the street you’re likely to be batted away like a fly by her hired goons.

Why on earth would you want to pay that much to see someone in concert who doesn’t even write her own songs, and will probably mime the ones she did have a small hand in writing?

Can someone explain to me, please, why ‘Pop’ music is so….popular?
It makes no sense to me. Honestly.
Or did I miss a meeting?


  1. Madonna is a legend though, she’s common as fuck though!! She’s hardly classy, she pretends to be but she’s not! I saw Madonna and I saw her at Live 8 for free and it was awesome :D

    I would pay #80 to see Madonna, but I’m going on holiday instead :(

  2. Paying that much to see anyone is insane no matter how good (although im not sure i would go see her, unless you paid me of course :))

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