Life is not such a pigsty

Well, 15-05-06 is now in the past, but it certainly will not be forgotten.

Arrived at St Davids Hall in Cardiff at 2pm, I thought there would be a large crowd already, but, it was not to be. Only three people had gotten there before me.

Chris, Rachel and..her friend who I didn’t catch the name of.
Chris has been following the tour since Killarney in Ireland, April 13th. Very dedicated man.
Very nice people, great to chat to and pass the time with.

Decided to take the queue to the escalators at about 6:45.
Went up them..fourth person up.
Got to the doors of the auditorium..waited there for 10 minutes.

Got my place at the barrier..stage centre. Could not have got a better position at all.
‘Twas very quiet, I was expecting it to fill up quickly. It didn’t.

After the support act, the crowd left the bar (which is outside the auditorium) and joined us.
The place was clearly a sell-out.
Very good crowd.

Had butterflys in my stomach before he came out.
“Hey hey, it’s Tiger Bay” was his opening comment..then went straight into First of the gang.
Very good to get the crowd going.

I held Morrissey’s hand. Twice. During Still Ill and The youngest was the most loved.
I held his hand twice.
He has very soft hands.

Here’s the setlist..

1. First of the gang to die
2. Still ill
3. The youngest was the most loved
4. In the future when all’s well
5. To me you are a work of art
6. Girlfriend in a coma
7. You have killed me
8. I will see you in far off places
9. At last I am born
10. The father who must be killed
11. Ganglords
12. Let me kiss you
13. Life is a pigsty
14. Trouble loves me
15. I just want to see the boy happy
16. How soon is now?


Irish blood, english heart

Best song hands down was Life is a pigsty.
Rain effects, Boz playing the water glasses..
During, I think it was Let me Kiss You is where he got rid of his blue shirt and threw it directly at me.
I grabbed it. Had it. But then a gang grabbed at it too from my hands..
I held on to the arm of it for dear life.
Morrissey’s personal security, the big scary guy, cut the arm off for me and I now have it.
Enshrined forever.
Whoever I showed it to after the gig asked if I was going to auction it on eBay.
No chance. It’s worth far more than money.
My plan is to frame it frame it, with my ticket stub.

I took my camera in with me.
Security didn’t say a thing. I had been talking to some of them beforehand, however, and they said they would look the other way as long as I didn’t take the piss.
I took a few photos. Not too many as to be inconsiderate, but just enough to give me fond memories of that night.
From the amazing vantage point I had, I managed to get some really, really good shots.
You can see just how close I was to him.

He looked me in the eye numerous times.
When he and the band came out to do the encore, they all linked arms and walked towards the crowd, into a bow, as he was bowing, his eyes caught mine, for more than a split second.
I was dazed.

Overall, amazing show. Not a bad thing to say at all.
Morrissey was very gratuitous with the crowd, gave quite a few hand touches during the show and seemed to enjoy salsa dancing in his cuban heels which, I must say, were very striking.


The rest of the photos are here.

A short video is here on Youtube.
I’ve had this camera for a year now, and I did not know how good the video function on it actually was. What a dumbass. Else I would have made more/longer videos.


  1. So glad you got a good spot – your deserved it. What a gig! Himself was sublime. Post-orgasmic type glow by the end. Ganglords (not a favourite from the album) was stunning and I must admit that I lost it during How Soon is Now?
    Came home and drank champagne with my mate Dave (or Charlie as you’d know him!) until 3.30am. Tired and emotional today – but so glad I’m not in work!!
    Looking forward to “speaking” with you on IM soon.

  2. Great write up of the gig. Good to see that he is still happy after what happened at the Palladium. I have Row C tickets for Reading so am feeling better about it now!
    Lovely pictures :) xxx

  3. Trouble loves me by far the best. Up until then it sounded like his voice was going. He coughed and struggled a few times early on, then think his voice warmed up. Still great though.

  4. You are very fortunate to get the sleeve from Moz’s shirt! Good review of the gig and good to know that Moz is happy after Palladium incident. As an American, I’m not angry at Moz’s “yankee doodle” ranter. Can’t wait to see him here in the states!

  5. hello – was at this gig last night – he was so amazing wonderful beautiful – you are so lucky to have touched him! Excellent pics too – I only had my phone so they mine are rubbish.
    I did my usual trick of bursting into tears as soon as he started singing….I love him so much.
    TLR x

  6. You were at the front, got a bit of his shirt AND held his hand twice?! Lucky you!
    I’m going to see him in Oxford and i’m seriously considering exchanging my balcony ticket for a stalls one now! If you’re in the stalls, does it matter what seat number you’ve got, can you just stand anywhere?

  7. In Cardiff, if you had any kind of seated ticket, you werent allowed to go anywhere else.
    I had a standing ticket, luckily.

  8. I was a fellow standee (next to Nathan) and it was fucking awesome seeing Morrissey right in front of me and shaking my hand! It’s something i’ll never forget!

  9. Advice to future attendees: When the gig starts, HOLD ONTO THE BARRIER. Or, if there is none left, hold onto your friends.

    There is a sublime wisdom in Morrissey’s words.

  10. Brilliant photos.

    It was a religious experience for me. I must have been stood pretty close to you but he didn’t touch my hand. :( Still love him though.

    My favourite was probably ‘The Youngest was the Most Loved’.

    Wish I was seeing him again.

  11. I don’t know how I got here but I just read this and I have to say I’m really jealous, but in a good healthy way!.

    Glad you had a wonderful time and a great spot.

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