The National Assembly for Wales have once again managed to find the most expensive building contractors in Wales to undertake their latest project.

A £6,000 smoking shelter? Plus VAT?

I managed to have my old kitchen extension levelled, rebuilt and a brand new kitchen fitted for less than this. What type of shelter are they planning to build exactly? Even a bus shelter does not cost this kind of money and that type of design is what is frequently used in the private sector to accommodate their employees who desire to smoke.

Surely with the Assembly set to ban smoking in public places by next year, a high profile government building like this should be setting an example and giving limited to no smoking facilities?

As an ex-smoker I can sympathise with workers who require somewhere to go for their cigarette breaks, but surely at the same time they also need to be seen to be leading the way to a smoke-free Wales.


  1. Fantastic!

    We need to find some pictures of the proposed design…or design some ourselves and charge £10,000 for them.

    (For the record, BBC Wales spent £700 on theirs)

  2. My college had a smoking shelter, no one smoked uner it though, we all smoked in the non-smoking zone, I think we have a natural tendanncy to be rebellious!! But yeh therefore smoking shelters are a waste of money because Nate, as you know, people like to run through them and smash them;)

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