Got my tickets

Jerry SpringerIt’s been called blasphemous.
There are demonstrations outside the theatres that it is performed as it goes on its UK tour.
The archbishop of Wales has said that he believed its content “crossed a line”.

…but I’ve got my tickets!

There’s nothing quite like pissing off the christian faith. They get so up tight about it. It’s quite hilarious.

I am of course referring to Jerry Springer: The opera

Featuring Jesus as a fat guy in a nappy, God and the virgin Mary as guests on the show it’s promising to be blasphemously funny.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people believing in God, and all that goes with it, as long as they don’t step on my toes, and in this case, I believe that I am being aggrieved.

My belief is this.
A religion is basically a club, like a political party.
If I don’t want to belong to that club, I shouldn’t have to suffer the knock on effects of their protests.
Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are basic human rights.
If I want to go and see a play that manages to incorporate over 300 swear words and ridicule one of the many so-called Gods, then I should be able to.

Those who find such remarks offensive should simply not watch the performance. Simple as that. The will of a minority cannot be imposed upon the majority.

Also, the opera is not just one big christ-bashing fest. From what I know of it, Jesus, Mary & God only play a very small part in the show and is entirely tongue-in-cheek.

So, out of my way protesters, Laura and I will be gracing the hall this Saturday night for the final performance. My report will be due soon afterwards.


  1. Personally, I thought there was absolutely NOTHING worth getting up in arms about.

    But of course, none of the people protesting have actually seen it. So they wouldn’t know that.

  2. It was definitely worth seeing, really funny. The first seats were really high up though…. scary.

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  4. If you really want to get the Christians noses out of joint see Jerry Springer then go straight to the cinema for The Da Vinci Code then head back home to scetch a cartoon of Jesus wearing a bomb jacket. This seems to be the standard formula for getting some unwanted religious attention. Nice blog :)

  5. Don’t forget to tell us what you thought… If it wasn’t for the controversy over the BBC showing of it, I’d never have seen it. It’s brilliant!

  6. still waiting for Nate’s review of the show… maybe God struck him with lightning for going to see a piece of blasphemy?

  7. Nathan is a gay which is why it’s been over a month since his last update?

    He’s not dead, I’ve seen him but I think his blog is dead!

    *Knocks on computer screen* Hello? You there?

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