It’s like, so amazing I could just barf

So, Paris Hilton says that she, like, cries, and stuff, when she listens to her new album, how amazing.
But, at least Lindsay Lohan is getting her come-uppance.
Nobody was fooled by Tara Reid in the first place.
Jade Goody is going into slow decline and Charlotte Church is soon to be shamed with her new TV show which promises to be a total train wreck. I mean, Charlotte Church doing stand-up comedy? Give me a stick of dynamite and put me in the audience, please.

So, does all this mean that the celebrity fascination culture is finally coming to a head and that the public may finally see it for what it is and fight back? Are public burnings of OK!, Closer, Hello, New!, Heat, love it, More & Now magazines on the horizon? One can only hope. Look out for me, I’ll be at the front of the crowd with Jordan tied to a stake.


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